Become a Butterfly and start your weight loss journey TODAY!

Become a Butterfly and start your weight loss journey TODAY!

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I’m a 45 year old single mom, a Nurse and a completely TRANSFORMED woman! My weight loss journey was the most POWERFUL experience of my life!

What Is Barbell Butterfly?

How Barbell Butterfly can help YOU become your OWN success story!

Nutrition Classes

Food is EVERYTHING for weight loss success! With an intensive Nutrition Class and a hands on Grocery Store Class, Barbell Butterfly teaches you healthy eating skills for LIFE!

Fitness Coaching

Building muscle is the body’s most efficient fat burner! Barbell Butterfly teaches you basic weight training skills to help you build muscle and TORCH fat! Never been in a gym or don’t know what to do when you do go? No problem! Barbell Butterfly empowers you with gym knowledge so you will be CONFIDENT and have no more gym fears!

Barbell Butterfly Sisterhood

You don’t have to struggle through your weight loss journey alone! Being a Butterfly means you become part of a huge community of women that will cheer you on! Barbell Butterflies NEVER give up! Your new Butterfly sisters will love, support and empower you towards SUCCESS!

Become your OWN success story!

Amy became her OWN success story! YOU can too!


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